The Breech Assembly

The Breech on the stealth and Talon rifles is sealed by means of a simple plastic cylindrical slide which is fitted with two rubber 'O' rings which are mounted in internally machined grooves and a cocking handle, as shown. 

In use, the slide bridges the gap, which forms the loading port when open, between the rearmost end of the barrel and the Air valve Top Hat. The rubber 'O' rings serve to prevent the escape of high pressure air during the firing cycle

Because of their exposure to dust and the relatively high degree of movement with which they have to contend in service, the 'O' rings should be kept lubricated with a suitable silicone-based grease, and cleaned regularly.

Naturally, the 'O' rings wear with use and the first symptom of this is a noisier than usual report on firing, as high pressure air audibly escapes past the seals. The only cure is to replace the 'O' rings and, fortunately, this is a simple job to carry out.

The following pages describe how to remove the Air Bottle Securing Collar, Remove the Breech Slide and replace the 'O' Ring Seals.