The Field Stripped Stealth breaks down into 3 main components.
The Reservoir or Bottle, the Main Group or Frame and the Silencer.

It is recommended that you strip your rifle on a clean surface, placing all parts removed into a clean container for security. 

1. Foregrip Screw
2. Silencer Mounting Ring Screw 
3. Barrel Securing Screws

Removing the Barrel

Turn the Gun onto its back and undo the single Allen screw securing the plastic foregrip to the rifle body. Locate the 3 grub screws securing the barrel and muzzle end cap assemblies to the rifle body. Starting from the muzzle, the first screw secures the steel insert which bears the thread on which the end cap and/or optional silencer are screwed. With the silencer attached (if fitted) remove the grub screw and gently pull the compete insert forwards, detaching it from the gun. Further to the rear of the weapon at 1.75 and 5.25 respectively are the 2 screws which secure the Barrel Mounting Rings. Undo the rearmost screw first and set aside. Now, with a finger inside the front of the muzzle housing holding the barrel against the Hammer Spring pressure, undo the second grub screw. As the screw is released the barrel assembly will jump forward slightly against your finger . Gently release the pressure and, holding the gun in one hand with the muzzle pointing downwards, gently withdraw the barrel as a unit with the other. The Hammer spring and spacers should come out with the barrel, if not return the barrel slightly into the gun body and tap the gun gently to dislodge the Hammer slide.