The Multishot Prototype

This was a project I undertook back in March 2003 and was done simply as a 'what if' - to see if it could be done. Much of the development work was done 'ad extempore' on the bench. That is to say I machined, and filed and cut and polished until it fitted together. I then adjusted and filed some more until, finally, it worked.

I didn't work from detailed blueprints nor did I use a micrometer, a milling machine or engineer's blue. This was all played strictly 'by ear'. But it worked. Using .22" Bisley Magnum pellets, I fired in excess of 500 shots through this system until moving house (and country) forced me to abandon work on it. I offer these rough drawings and ideas 'as is' with no guarantee that it'll work for you, allow you to lay down suppressive fire or rejuvenate your sex life.

These rough drawings are just that - 'rough drawings'. They are not to scale and are intended only to show you how I did it. I can think of numerous improvements - an auto indexer for a start - but time, right now, is more valuable then the ability to emulate a GPMG.

If this is for you, then have fun. Feel free to copy the ideas and improve upon the, If you are an engineering company and wish to use my work as a basis for a profit making venture then I retain the intellectual rights to this concept. If you are an enthusiast, then you have my blessing to go right ahead and tinker.


Bob Craske

The Firing Cycle